Pricing to host your own private party.

  • Outside catering is allowed or bring in your own food.

  • Required to have party liability and liquor licence when bringing in alcoholic drinks.

  • Includes: one staff member on site, private room with a capacity of up to 300, Entertainment room equipped with two big screen TVs, WiiU and Xbox 360, with video games. Art room, plasma cars and scooters, and free games around the facility for kids to enjoy.

  • Free WIFI

  • Discounts are available for any full service buffet options. Inquire within.

  • Super Hero Theme

    Includes: super hero craft, treasure chest with super hero dress-up clothes, video games available in the game room, and super hero movie. One staff member included.$125.00 up to 10 kids additional child is an $5.00 p


  • Ages 2 to 8

  • Super Hero Theme party includes entertainment for the full hour( a play where the kids get involved)

    Package #1:        Batman & Robin Vs. The Joker runs for 1 hour = $325.00

    Package #2:        Batman Solo runs for 30 minutes= $100.00

    Package #1:        The Avengers Party (Iron Man, Captain America &
    Hulk) runs for 1 hour= $350.00

    Packages#2:       Captain America Solo runs for 0 minutes= $100.00

    Package #1:        Spider-man & Wolverine Vs Venom runs for 1 hour= $325.00

    Package#2:         Spider-man Solo runs for 30 minutes=$75.00

    Package#1:         Superman & Flash runs for 1 hour= $225.00

    Package#2:         Superman Solo runs for 0 minutes= $100.00

    Package #1:        Star wars Jedi Knight Training Complete runs for 1 hour

    (Includes Jedi, Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader)= $350.00

    Package#2:         Star wars Jedi Training (includes Jedi, Darth Vader) = $250.00

You may add additional packages to your private upon booking.


  • Loot bags can be added choose from $6.00 , $8.00 0r $10 PER Loot bag

  • Birthday cake is additional(see attachment for option)

  • Extended play time an extra $120 each additional hour or a ½ hour for $65.00 extra* upon availability

  • Additional menu food items for adults and children available (see menu attachment).

  • Bouncy castle package of two $125 per hour ( includes one staff member)


Kitchen facilities are not part of this rental contract (you will not be allowed to heat or cook food in the kitchen).
Children aged 10 months to 15 years old will be counted in all birthday party packages
All decorations must be removed and all garbage placed in garbage bags.
There’s no thumb tacks, tape or nails allowed on the walls. If there is use of candles, they must be 21/2 inches above the open flame and 6 inches above the table.
There is no use of sand, Hay or dry leaves. Any other unmentioned materials must be approved prior to the event.
You may arrive 15 minutes prior to your party to start set-up.
During the party, we require guardians and parents to remain within the premises and provide direct Supervision of their children.
Birthday parties are based on a two hour basis or longer if time is extended for an extra cost. Each additional hour is $115.00 or half hour is $60.00.
Alcoholic beverages will not be allowed in the premises without a permit!!
A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required for all party bookings. Balance to be paid at the beginning of your scheduled party. Cash, Debit, Visa, or E-transfer accepted.
@Playdate is not responsible for any loss of or damage to persona property.
@playdate will at times be unsupervised. We are not responsible for your children’s safety or injuries that may occur from unsafe play or inappropriate us of the equipment.
If you are getting @playdate to cater, we provide plates, napkins, and cups for the children only. You are able to bring in your own food/snack/drinks for your adult guests. Additional cost for adult menu available (see attachment).


$8.00 per child includes; table cloth, cutlery, paper plates, paper cups, and napkins to the theme of the party

Pick one option

  • Chicken fingers and fries

  • Pizza ( vegetarian option available)2 Slices

  • Hot dog and fries

  • Spaghetti with alfredo or tomato sauce (vegetarian option)

All options include carrot and celery sticks, a choice of a chip bag. Unlimited juice, pop, and water and a basket of apples (one per child)

We provide plates, napkins, and cups for the children only. You are able to bring in your own food/snack/drinks for your adult guests. Additional cost for adult menu available (see attachment).


Rotisserie Chicken (feeds 4) $12.25
Vegetable $7.50/kg
Tomato $7.50/kg
Valencian $9.50/kg


Garden Salad $2.00/person

Roasted Potatoes

Full basket $12.00(feeds 10-12)
Half basket $6.00(feeds 5-6)
Quarter basket $3.00(feeds 2-3)

Macaroni, Coleslaw or potato

Large $3.50
Medium $2.80
Small $2.25

Specialty Trays

Cheese and Crackers $80.00 (feeds 50 people)
Cold cuts $85.00 (feeds 50 people)
Fresh Fruits $80.00 (feeds 40 people)
Veggie Trays $75.00 (feeds 50 people)
Nachos and Dip $55.00 (feeds 50 people)
Sandwich Tray $85.00 (feeds 25 people)

Pizza large homemade 12 slices $30.00(your choice toppings)

Chicken wings
Middle, Honey garlic or Spicy $15.00/dz

Fresh Bread with Portuguese Sausage $10.00 (10 slices)

Please note: You provide your own plates, napkins, cutlery and glass ware. There is an additional cost of $5.00 per person is we provide the plates, cutlery, napkins and cups.